Vector Graphics

I designed this poster for my final project in my Adobe Illustrator class at UCSD. Stahlschalgfest is a fictitious music festival set at Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA. It features 40 industrial bands playing with the iconic Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces as a backdrop. If I could create the music festival of my dreams, this would be it! Ironically, while I was in the process of doing this assignment, Musikfest announced Rob Zombie as one of the headline acts for 2020! So part of my dream at least will come true!

Since Bethlehem Steel is a co-star in any concert held there, I really wanted to give viewers of this poster a strong sense of place. The main image started out as two photographs I took from the Hoover Mason Trestle. I merged them in Photoshop, then used Illustrator’s Image Trace feature to vectorize it and set the color pallet. I hand drew the musical staffs and made symbols for the notes, then set the colors to look like smoke coming from the stacks.