Technical writing projects

Technical writing is the heart of what I do. Writing technical documents requires the writer to quickly learn about complex topics so they can present them in a clear and concise manner to their audience. People often tell me I have a knack for explaining technical topics to the layperson and that my instructions are easy to follow. I have an enduring passion for writing and learning which I bring to your projects.

Web content writing samples

Writing “about technology” is just as much a part of technical communication as writing manuals and reports. I can write articles and blog posts that are engaging and easily understood by your target audience. Although these samples are geared towards 3D printing and model railroading, I can write about whatever topic is of interest to your readers.

Graphic design projects

Modern technical communication projects are often multimedia productions. Graphics, illustrations, charts, graphs, and annotated photos help your reader understand the information you are trying to convey. Good document design and page layout makes your information easy to find and easy on your reader’s eyes. My experience in graphic design, technical illustration, and document design allows me to enhance my technical writing to produce documents your reader will appreciate.

Web design projects

Nowadays, many technical documents are posted online in addition to (or in place of) a hardcopy. I have experience in web design and I know my way around WordPress, the most popular content management system. If you need someone to post your technical documentation to a WordPress site I can help you with that. I can also create custom menus, post types, templates, and page layouts to help you share your technical documents with your customers.


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