Model Kit Instruction Booklet

University of California – San Diego Extension (UCSD) / Trainnsylvania Railroad


Word, AutoCAD
This was my final project for my Technical Communications II class at UCSD. It is best viewed by printing the PDF to two-sided 8 1/2″x11″ sheets and folding them in half to create an eight-page booklet. I am in the process of starting a side business for 3D printing building and accessory kits for model railroads. This instruction booklet doubled as a prototype for how I plan to create my model kit instructions when I launch that business. This course project required that I create it in Microsoft Word, but I will be using Adobe InDesign for the actual booklets. I drew the illustrations in AutoCAD for temporary use since I haven’t designed the actual kit yet. My kits will be designed with 3D modeling software, so the actual kit instructions will have illustrations based on the 3D models.